Podcasts are super popular, for obvious reasons. They provide entertainment and a chance to educate yourself especially when you are driving or cleaning. I drive about an hour every morning and afternoon and I value the time I get to listen to podcasts. Here are the 3 best Podcasts for homesteaders (obviously, my opinion.)



The Best Podcasts for Homesteaders

1. Homemaker Chic

Shaye and Angela have added so much value to my life. This isn’t a “homesteading” podcast per se but they are both homesteaders so obviously it comes up. They talk about all things homemaking with red lips and no denim jumpers. 

This podcast inspires me to stay on top of house work, strive for better not more, and accept that if I want certain things I have to do the work. I have also discovered different ways of cooking things and growing things that I would have never thought about before. 

Also, THEY ARE FUNNY. They make me laugh so hard and I feel like we are definitely kindred spirits. Did I mention they both have the most beautiful homes? I’m obsessed. You can find them on apple podcasts or at their website


2. Old Fashioned on Purpose

Education, Education, Education. I have learned so much about homesteading from this podcast. Jill is relatable and always explains why she does things the way she does. 

I have learned about canning, planting, gardening, and everything in between. I love how she starts off the podcast with her tagline letting people know exactly who the podcast is for. It resonates with you before you ever hear the content and you know you have found your tribe. 

Listen on Apple Podcasts or go to her website


3. Simple Farmhouse Life

I have listened to Lisa and read her blog for YEARS. She has given me so much valuable information, especially about cooking from scratch, over the years. I learned how to make my own sourdough starter by watching her videos and I have invested in quite a few kitchen tools that I am OBSESSED with since I have been listening to her podcast. 

She has such a calm and collected way of presenting information, especially for someone with 6 kids. She had also introduced me to a ton of other people that I now follow and gain value from through the podcast. I highly recommend. 

Listen on Apple Podcasts or go to her website