When we were first married my grandparents gave us an old George Foreman grill. We used that thing very regularly for YEARS until this past summer when I noticed it was smoking when I used it. It was then that I decided we needed to upgrade but we didn’t really know what we wanted.

I did my research and finally decided on the Ninja Foodi Grill XL. 

We ordered one for our joint Christmas present to each other and I have been hooked since. I have used this gadget almost every time I have cooked since we got it.

What does it do?

The Ninja Foodie Grill XL Grills (obviously), bakes, roasts, broils, air-frys, and dehydrates. 

It also includes a meat thermometer that is built in to ensure the food is cooked completely. It also had a guide to tell you what temperature the most commonly cooked meats should be. 

What can you make?

So many things. I make roast chicken, baked chicken, salmon in the air-fryer, grilled burgers, air-fried root veggies, french fries, dehydrated spring onions. 

Honestly, the options are endless. You could even make deserts with the baking function or even air fried donuts. It is really easy on quick nights to throw chicken nuggets and fries in and cook them quickly and crisply. 

Honestly, It has added so much value to my kitchen and I use my oven way less than I used to. I don’t have to worry about if I forget until last minute to prepare my husbands lunch for the next day. As long as I have the meat I can cook it quickly. 

You can even cook things from frozen! I haven’t even tried everything and the value it has added to my cooking life is just immeasurable. If you live in a tiny home or an RV this would be an ideal gadget to have instead of an oven.

Where Can I get it?

Click Here to find the exact model we have. 

Click here for a more affordable 4 in 1 version without broil and dehydrate.