• Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Gardener Edition

    Everyone knows a crazy plant lady. The one whose love language is flowers in hanging baskets and potted plants. If that lady is the Mom in your life, this is the Mother’s Day gift guide for you.

  • The 3 Best Podcasts for Homesteaders


  • Ninja Foodi Grill XL Review

    When we were first married my grandparents gave us an old George Foreman grill. We used that thing very regularly for YEARS until this past summer when I noticed it was smoking when I used it. It was then that I decided we needed to upgrade but we didn’t really know what we wanted. I […]

  • The Top 4 Things You Should Know Before Getting Sheep

    When we got into raising hair sheep we really didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into. Beef cattle are relatively hands-off and so we didn’t realize how much up close and personal time we would be getting with them. I thought I would highlight some of the really important things we have learned about […]

  • Gardening For Preservation

    When starting a garden it is easy to get excited and start buying seeds for 12 types of lettuce and various melons. They are very tasty fresh but when thinking about eating that food over the cold winter, foods that will preserve and store well are your best bet. It is okay to have a […]

  • Recently, I have become obsessed with essential oils and their many benefits (plus they smell good). I noticed the soaps that I buy at the store had a lot of “fancy” ingredients but I wasn’t sure they were natural so when I stumbled upon this post for foaming hand soap by Traditional Cooking School, I […]

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